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Fit-Over Blue Blocking Amber Computer & Sleep Glasses for Kids and Teens

  • ElementsActive Junior Blue Blockers are designed for Children 4+ years old, Teenagers and Adults who wear smaller frame glasses! Please check our SIZE FIT GUIDE picture for dimensions!
  • More blue blocking than any other blue blockers with our 99.5% Blue Blocking Lenses! The same one used in our best selling Fitovers! We inspect every unit to ensure each filters more than 99.5% harmful blue light wavelength ( 380nm – 450nm ) !
  • SLEEP BETTER – Helps promote sleep hormones called melatonin by reducing blue light. Using the computer tablet or phone after daylight is gone disturbs melatonin production which interrupts your sleep cycle.
  • GREAT FOR LONG OFFICE HOURS / GAMING SESSIONS – Save your eyes from damage staring at the screen for hours (eg. Long office hours , videogaming sessions LAN party)

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